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Therapeutic excellence in spiritual surroundings

Healing the complexity of underlying issues


Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa is the founder of Immersive Healing Center. He completed a graduate degree in mechanical engineering (B. Tech, 1976) and a postgraduate degree in industrial engineering (M. Tech, 1978). He is also the founder of Jiva Institute of Vedic Studies.

In addition to serving as the Director of the Jiva institute of Vedic Studies, Satyanarayana Dasa has continued his intensive scholarship. He has also earned four traditional shastric degrees, a law degree from Agra University, and a PhD in Sanskrit form Agra University.


Dr. Jaya Devi 

Head of Department, Immersive Healing Center

Dr. Jaya Devi (PhD) is the HOD of the Immersive Healing Center. She is originally from Belgium and joined the Immersive Healing Center from the very beginning. She manages the programs of the Immersive Healing Center and coordinates the seminars and cultural activities. 

Dr. Jaya Devi is also the founder of the Center for Feminine Spirituality. She co-authored two booklets, The Yoga of Eating and Spiritual Health, which are published by the Jiva Institute. She has also published two books, the Bhagavad Gita and Hitopadesha, translated from Sanskrit into her native Dutch language with Professor Winand Callewaert, D.lit. reader.


Mallika Devi


Mallika Devi is the healing therapy consultant at the Immersive Healing Center in Vrindavan. She is counselling the participants during their immersive healing programs. Mallika was born in Italy and pursued her studies in different countries.


She earned a Masters in Pedagogy with focus on intercultural studies from the University of Cologne, Germany. She also accomplished an Ayurveda Therapist Training in Jaipur, India.


Asutosh Pandey

Naturopath & Ayurvedacharya

Ashutosh is a professional Naturopath & Ayurvedacharya with 12+ years of experience. He is a natural health practitioner specializes in Nutritional therapy, Acupuncture, Panchkarma & Ayurvedic oil massage.

He treats a variety of physical conditions, illnesses and pains with essential aromatic oils, Ayurvedic oils that are extracted or distilled from flowers, trees, spices, fruits or herbs.

Stones on Foot

A leading expert in the exposure therapy, counselling, psychotherapy and the psychoanalysis. He is the brain behind the development of leading virtual reality exposure therapy platforms. He is presently focusing on healing phobias, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, fear and anxiety through immersive technology. 


Innovative Healing Therapy Courses

We are offering Ayurveda residential treatments at immersive healing center. Our multidimensional program addresses psychological, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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