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3 - Days Residential Experiential
Sexual Assault / Abuse Healing Program


Your best possible journey to recovery

3 Days Residential Program

Introducing 3-Days residential immersive healing & Ayurveda treatment program. Our healing therapy consultants provide comprehensive testing and assessment, offering you clarity in understanding how you may get rid of the problem. With this awareness, we customize a healing plan that best supports your recovery goals.

In collaboration with our team, you will participate in healing sessions, which includes:

01. Two specialized Ayurveda treatment sessions with the Ayurveda consultant.
02. Up-to three specialized VR Immersion healing sessions for the IH consultant.
03. Six specialized yoga healing therapy sessions with the IH consultant.

04. Six specialized healing talk therapy / General discussion sessions with the IH consultant.
05. Six specialized massage therapy sessions with Naturopath consultant.

Total number of Healing sessions can be increased as per individual requirements. This program is ideal for anyone suffering from Sexual Abuse / Assault / Violence.

Is Our 3 Days Program Right for You?

In general, we recommend the 3-Day program if:

  • You have never been in residential healing therapy sessions before.

  • You don’t have complicated detox needs.

  • You do not have significant psychiatric, medical or behavioral issues that need attention.

We are here to help you find your ideal path to long-lasting recovery. For more information please contact us with your questions or to tell us your story. We are here to listen, and we’re ready to help.

Sexual Abuse / Assault / Violence


Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any form of sexual violence, including rape, child molestation, incest, and similar forms of non-consensual sexual contact. Most sexual abuse experts agree sexual abuse is never only about sex. Instead, it is often an attempt to gain power over others. Immediate crisis assistance after sexual assault can prove invaluable and even save lives.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the consent of the recipient. Sexual assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced, or manipulated into any unwanted sexual activity. Sexual assault is never your fault.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act by violence or coercion, acts to traffic a person or acts directed against a person's sexuality, regardless of the relationship to the victim.

Racism can place racial/ethnic minorities at higher risk of sexual assault. Many people of color are fetishist as “exotic,” hyper sexual beings. As such, survivors are more likely to be labeled “willing” participants. The sexual abuse of children can take many forms. It may involve a stranger or someone as close as a parent. A child doesn’t need to be touched to be sexually abused. Voyeuristic actions, such as watching a child undress or shower, count as sexual abuse. Adults who expose their genitalia to children are also committing abuse. An adult who sexually abuses children may, in some cases, have a sexual attraction to children. Yet sexual attraction is not necessary to commit abuse.


Sexual harassment often falls under the umbrella of sexual assault. While the definitions of both sexual assault and sexual harassment include non-consensual sexual contact, there are some distinct differences. The term “sexual harassment” is often used in a legal context. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment includes:

+ Unwanted sexual advances or contact 

+ Harassing a person on the basis of their sex

+ Making offensive comments or jokes about a particular sex

+ Pressure to go on a date or perform sexual favors

Sexual harassment can occur anywhere, but many of the laws that protect people who may experience sexual harassment refer to harassment in the workplace. The broader definition of sexual harassment can include cat-calling, making sexual gestures or comments toward a person, staring, referring to someone using demeaning language such as “babe” or “hunk,” and giving unwanted or personal gifts.

After sexual assault, survivors may feel their bodies are not really their own. Survivors often report feelings such as shame, terror, and guilt. Many blame themselves for the assault. Due to the trauma and negative emotions linked to sexual abuse, survivors may be at risk for mental health conditions. Survivors of sexual abuse may develop:

+ Anxiety


+ Personality Disruptions

+ Attachment Issues

+ Addiction

We Help in Healing.

Using state of the art Immersive Tech, overall relative experiences can be re-simulated. Virtual Reality Immersion can be helpful for those who experienced sexual abuse/Assault/Violence in the past. Specialized simulations are available to address & reduce the impact of trauma & negative experiences. State of the art & fully customized SR simulator help patients in releasing their anger on the main culprit within artificial reality. At present we help patients to get rid of following painful experiences:

01. Sexual Abuse

02. Sexual Assault

03. Sexual Violence

04. Sexual Harassment

Virtual Reality - Healing The Brain

If you have experienced sexual abuse/assault/violence in past, you may often feel on edge. Such person experience nightmares, remain in fear fear and suffer with great anxiety and distress. Virtual Reality Immersive Healing solution helps in getting rid of fear, anger and anxiety by releasing the inner pain. Which further reduces anxiety & PTSD symptoms. Ai based simulations re-create realistic 3D (three dimensional) virtual photorealistic environments to allow user take revenge and release anger within Artificial Reality. 

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